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Plasterer in Medway

Plasterer in Medway

Are you looking for a plasterer in the Medway area ? We believe we are one of the best plastering companies in Medway. We offer a completely different plastering service, compared to any other plasterer in the Medway towns.

we have been carrying out various plastering jobs in and around Medway for over 16 years, and have gained a fantastic reputation for the standard of our work , cleanliness once we have finished, our level of service and after care.

Plasterer in Medway

Different Plaster

You can now choose from a range of different finish plaster, they have different purposes and uses .

Pure finish plaster is an amazing product which removes harmful voc’s from the air, thus giving you a breath of fresh air in your home.

Amazing that a plaster product , a ceiling or wall can clean the air in your home , the plaster can remove these harmful voc’s.

You would never know the difference in finishes , the same smooth finish plaster , with the added benefits of cleaner air in your home.

Every home needs Magnetic Plaster , what is magnetic plaster ? Magnetic plaster is a finish plaster which attracts magnets, so you can stick magnets onto the plastered wall.

Why would you want magnetic plaster ? Why wouldn’t you, you can create interactive wall space , you can hang picture frames on walls with no need to drill holes, you can paint and paper over the magnetic plaster and it still works.

Different Plastering methods

You may need a plasterer for a project in your home or business, however there are many different plastering methods, and some local plasterers may not be able or know how to carry out these plastering jobs for you . 

Skimming or plastering is a finish coat of plaster usually around 3mm thick , you could ask a plasterer to skim or replaster over an existing ceiling or wall to achieve a better plastered finish.


Floating is a plastering method which is usually carried out on brick or block work . The floating coat of plaster is an undercoat plaster which can be applied thicker around 13mm, typically you would apply the undercoat plaster and flatten the material using straight edge . You would then use a float, either plastic or wooden with nails or screws to give the surface a light scratch to the top coat of plaster to key to.

There are a few different materials you could use for the floating coat such as Hardwall , Bonding , Sand and cement.

Rendering is a plastering method most associated with external plastering, there are many types of rendering types from traditional sand and lime , sand and cement , modern materials such as thin coat render which is available in hundreds of different colours, one coat renders are available in a variety of colors not as many as the thin coat systems by baumit.

Why Choose us ?

Why would you choose us over another plasterer in Medway ?

  • Fully Insured with our public liability ,just incase there are any accidents.
  • We have a small team of expirienced plasterers in Medway.
  • We only use the best plastering materials available to us.
  • We can offer you more choices of plaster .
  • Fantastic customer service including aftersales care for your plastering projects.
Plasterers Medway


Q : Can we plaster over artex? 

A: We can plaster over artex in most cases , if the surface is sound or solid . 

Q: how long before we can paint over the new plaster?

A: This would depend on the paint being used , if you are using a permeable paint you can paint the surface once the plaster has set.

If you are using another paint you would need to wait until the plaster has changed colour usually a pale peach/pink colour but this would depend on which plaster has been used , temperature of the room and thickness of plaster, we would send a information guide and advice once works are finished with all our plastering jobs.

Q : Are we cheap?

A : No unfortunately we are not cheap , we are experienced , time served , have all our own tools and equipment, we take cpd courses, we are fully insured ,v.a.t registered , dispose of waste properly, and the service provided to you is second to none.