Plaster Can Do More

Plaster That Does More

With products changing all the time we can now offer you more than “Normal plaster”

With the Pro range from british gypsum we can offer you tougher walls, walls that remove VOC’s from the air Magnetic plaster.

We are so passionate about these products and the things you can do with your home or office now .

Dura Finish

ThistlePro DuraFinish is great for high traffic areas including corridors, offices, stairwells, healthcare, leisure, education busy hallways and rooms in homes.

Dura Finish is a skim finish plaster that increases damage resistance by 60%, so that’s 60% more hard wearing than a standard plaster, giving excellent resistance to glancing impacts or accidental damage such as scratching or chipping.

Dura finish can be used on plasterboard or undercoat plasters such as hardwall or sand and cement, it can be used for re-plastering and repair work on previously plastered walls.

Any damage that does occur does not spread or cause debonding making repairs easier than standard plasters.

Pure Finish

ThistlePro PureFinish again is a fantastic product giving you the same smooth finish you desire from plaster with added benefits of making indoor space healthier.

So PureFinish is a skim finish plaster that contains ACTIVair technology to remove formaldehyde(a common VOC) from the air.

The ACTIVair technology decomposes formaldehyde emissions into non-harmful inert compounds, thus improving the air quality whithin buildings AMAZING!!

Again PureFinish can be used on a variety of backgrounds such as plasterboard , undercoat plasters and on reskims.


ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster is a unique skim finish plaster that attracts magnets to create interactive walls.


ThistlePro Magnetic contains special additives to attract magnets allowing the creation of interactive walls.

You can still paint and paper over the plaster as normal and it will still attract magnets, even special paints such as chaulk board paint and whiteboard paint.

What Could You Do with it??

How about creating a picture wall , you can get magnetic photo sleeves or customise photo frames to put on the wall , no need for screws or nails , and you can chop and change and move them whenever you want without making a mess .